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Why Every Real Estate Agent Needs to Get Copyright Protections

At a glance, it might seem like there is no need for copyright protection to anything related to real estate agencies.  Let us take a look at what a typical situation might look like for a real estate broker.  We will start looking at the internet and how things like data scraping have actually caused harm to the real estate business.

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The Situation

Let´s say that you decide to put your home for sale.  To get optimal results, you hire a broker and get into a listing agreement.  This person places your home on the local multiple-service listings.

Sometime after that, your broker begins to receive proposals from potential clients that claim to have seen the description of the house on some other website.  Your broker has no idea about this other site and what is worse, this other listing has inaccurate information about the property.

Your broker tries to rectify this information with the third-party website but he is either ignored or his request is denied.  So what goes next?  What is your broker supposed to do in the face of such situation?

How Technology Affects Real Estate Agencies

We live in a technology-driven society where it becomes more difficult to protect one’s assets.  Real estate agencies not only have to battle against data scrapers but they must be sure to protect their clients’ privacy.

The problem here is that when a broker gets his listing scraped and the information is changed, it affects a broker’s credibility.  As a matter of fact, data scrapers are tampering with the credibility of an entire guild, making listings start to look as untrustworthy.

The internet has made this practice so easy and there is no Congress willing or capable of doing something about it.  Another problem here is that not only real estate agencies get affected but so do consumers.  Consumers will no longer be able to trust the information provided on a website listing.

Is there a Legal Solution?

The legal solution to scraping listings is copyright protection.  This type of copyright is necessary to avoid the diminishing in the trust of potential clients.

At this point, it is important to note that brokers, clients, and buyers do not dwell in a home of trust necessarily, given that credibility of broker information can no longer be deemed reliable.

If you want to know how to best protect your real estate listings, Nexus Law is your best option.  They will guide you through the steps of assigning copyright protection to your listing and protect your site from scrapers.

Clean your Carpets Before your Open House – Here’s Why

The fact that your home has to be at its best before your open house goes without saying.  It is also well known that if your floor is carpeted, you have to make certain efforts to make it look always pristine.  But now that you are placing your home on the market, you must make a special effort to clean it up.

Carpets need constant vacuuming and cleaning.  But from time to time and depending on the number of people that live in your home,  it needs a thorough cleaning.  This is when it is advisable to hire the best carpet cleaning service out there.  This is usually the best way to go since the work has a professional finish and you get a guarantee of service.

So, is it important to have your potential buyers come into a clean carpet?  Yes, it is and here is why.

Customers can tell a Clean Carpet

A clean carpet looks shiny and fluffy.  On the other hand, one that is carrying filth actually has a dull color and has a distinct coloration.  Most customers can tell when a carpet is not clean.  If your home has a fully carpeted floor, a dirty one gives a terrible impression.

It is known to everyone that when you are selling a product, the first impression is the most important.  After that, you should give this client reasons on why he should buy your house.  If they come to a dirty carpet, the message is clear from the beginning, this house is not clean.

Besides this, one can think that if you are not paying attention to such important details, then you can probably fail at other equally important features.

A Dirty Carpet can Produce Foul Odors

Carpets being a perfect place for mold and bacteria to breed, it also has a potential of developing bad odors.  Imagine walking into a house that reeks of humidity and mold.  So much for that first impression.

Trying to mask the odor will usually not work, especially given that the carpet covers the entire home.  In fact, it can make matters worse.  But the bottom line is that a foul odor will immediately ward off any potential buyer, no matter how nice the rest of your home is.

Bad odors are never a good thing to walk into.  People are revolted at the mere thought of having to spend their lives within such smells.

An Unclean Carpet is Not Safe

If you offer your house, you must display a home that is safe and that does not put people´s health in jeopardy.  An unclean carpet, filled with mold, bacteria, and viruses is never safe.  Dirty carpets can harbor a lot of allergic agents and pathogens.

Offer a home that looks clean, ordered, and healthy.

Why we decided to get new office chairs

When it comes to our workplace, you might not know it, but the office chairs play an important part role. Some may even see it as an ordinary furniture where they sit and work all day. But hey, office chairs are more than just a chair, it’s your throne and your sanctuary. And for your information, having the best office chair is one significant factor to improve productivity at work.

It’s time to do a reality check. The office chair that you are using right now, do you think it’s the best one? Are you comfortable sitting on it the whole day? Are you having those severe back pains after hours of working? If so, then probably it’s time for you to get new office chairs.

It’s time to get a new office chair

There are several things that you need to consider for you to know whether you already need a new chair or not in your office. First, if you are already having frequent back and neck pains after sitting and working the whole day. Then probably you aren’t using the right office chair. Also, do your own checking. When you are sitting in your office chair, are you really comfortable? Do you think your back and neck get a good support?

One thing is for sure, if you think your chair is too big or too small for your body, then probably it’s time for you to change it. You have to remember, sitting on a wrong office chair might lead to a more serious back injury if you don’t take the right actions for it.

Finding the Right one

If you aren’t sure about where to get the best office chair, then it’s probably time for you to start doing your own search. For instance, you can find tons of office chair reviews where you are able to identify which ones are the best basing it to what other people can say about it. You surely can find a lot of brands, manufacturers, designs and features when you are looking for an office chair.

It’s always about spending and taking your time to compare every option you have. Above all, always consider your own comfort. Remember that not all office chairs are made equal. Some may work for others, but won’t work for you. Although you can always meet halfway. You need to look for the highly adjustable office chairs in which you can easily adjust for you. Some of the things that matters are your height, your weight, and your overall size.

You also have to look for the ones that are made of comfortable materials. The most common and popular these days are the ones with mesh designs. They are highly breathable adding to the comfort that you feel. The main key to all of these is to see and check the chairs before buying them. You really need to try sitting on them, and see how it feels. Don’t hesitate to try all of the possible chair options on the store. After all, you need to buy what’s best for you.

How our new app is helping us sell houses FAST

We are truly pleased and we can only find more pleasure in letting you know how our mobile application has helped us sell houses fast.  To this point in business, we can safely say that the investment was well worth it and we cannot recommend enough that you create a mobile application for your business.  We hired what we consider the top mobile app development Vancouver.

Why a mobile app

It took us a while but we were finally able to realize that our clients were in need of a faster response.  In this era of communication, clients want to have all the information and answers to their inquiries on an easy access.  This is the type of convenience that the world has moved into.  We realized that we could not afford not having one.

Obviously, as a responsible real estate office, we worked out our budget to see if it was worth it.  This part was really hard to define, to be honest, but once we were given the possibility of creating one for us, we knew we were not going to look back.

A mobile application enhances the synchronous communication between sellers (us) and customers.  It is also very convenient when it comes to displaying our houses.  Pictures of them at the palm of our hands is like a dream come true.  So, it was time for our business to have our own app.

How has it helped us sell houses?

A pretty valid question.  The truth is that the more selling houses was a consequence of using a highly intuitive mobile app.   Besides the design being beautiful, sleek, and practical, there were some other factors that were covered;  even some we had not even thought about.

When we picked up impressions from our users, these were some of the things they highlighted about the app:

  • The colors and design are simple yet nice.
  • The navigation is also intuitive.  The sliding of a finger to get through the menu is something clients truly appreciate.
  • With the application, communication became more fluent.  This is a very important enhancement as clients require quick answers to their inquiry.  Some of our clients actually stated that their favorite part was the form in the FAQ section.  We did commit ourselves into replying to clients as fast as possible.
  • Carrying information on listings and all types of data at the palm of their hand is a great advantage.
  • Very important for some clients, especially those who are more aware of technical aspects on their phone, our application does not take much space or never crash.

So, if you want to stay up with technological advancement in this era of communication, a mobile application is a must. You are guaranteed that your sales will increase if you follow up with an effective marketing strategy.

Moving Across the Country? Find a Professional Storage Company to Store Your Stuff for You!

Are you planning to move across the country? What about your personal belongings? Well, that’s easy. Have it stored by a professional storage company in Kamloops. If you have a lot of stuff, you can’t just leave it behind without making sure they are stored properly. It can mean losing a lot of your priced possession if you don’t hire the most reliable storage company.

Mistakes to Avoid When Storing Your Stuff

A lot of things getting lost can be attributed to the mistakes that you’ve made while moving your stuff. The mistakes listed below are the most common ones owners make when moving their stuff. If you know these things, you can avoid them.

  1. Not knowing what the movers are taking

    If you don’t know what the movers are taking, how will you know if you’ve lost something when they unload? You have to take a list of all the things that you have to move and let the movers sign it for you. This means that you are both aware of all the things that you have and they are moving.

  2. Not knowing whether a truck will fit

    Will your things fit on one truck or do you need two? You have to remember that you are renting based on the amount of your things. If you rented two truck but only need one, this means that you will be unnecessarily paying more. If you just rent one truck but actually need to rent two, then you actually need to rent more.

  3. Failure to give unloading directions

    Although movers are professionals when it comes to moving stuff, you are the boss when it comes to your own. You have to give them directions, inform them what boxes contain breakables and what not. This way, you can ensure the integrity of your things when they unload it.

  4. Not having enough space for your stuff

    If you have a lot of things, you have to have a lot of space for them. Otherwise, crowding can eventually destroy some of your things. This is especially true for breakables which are sensitive to crowding. You have to inform your mover how much space you need or have them access your things and tell you how much space you need.

  5. Not visiting the storage company at the right time

    If you want to move on a weekend, you could end up paying more because this is also the time for other people to move their stuff. You can ask for discounts on weekdays because there are few movers there and companies are trying hard to win customers.

It’s like doing a balancing act when you move your things. While there is really no avoiding it, you can prevent a lot of mistakes if follow these tips. You can ensure that your things will be intact if you choose the right mover to move your things.

How Great Business Signage Attracts New Clients to My Real Estate Business

Property selling is a hard business to excel at. Brokers or agents will have to be really good at advertising and marketing to be able to constantly sell a property. A great place to start is the business signage of the property.

A real estate property sign is the first thing that a potential buyer sees when they go visit a property or just happens to pass by a property. It must catch their attention; contain vital information about the property; and have sticking factor so they won’t forget.

Property sellers or agents can come up with their own business signage but it won’t beat out a trusted sign maker when it comes to creating signage designs that work. Experienced companies will have a team of designers, installers, and customer service that will always have their client’s best interest in mind to help you sell that property.

The results always look great because it takes in the kind of property being sold as well as the preference of the seller on how they want to market the property. Installation of the signage will be done as scheduled just in time for the house to be open for selling.

Visual promotions are very important in real estate. A dedicated team of highly-skilled professionals should be the people creating the designs for your signages. If you handle different kinds of properties, then, you can hire a business signage company to make signs for a various properties.

A business signage will attract clients if the sign can put your business at the forefront when your prospective buyer considers the property you’re selling. This can only be done if you’re business signage can be easily seen and would catch the eye of your buyer.

You can expect that customers attracted by your business signage will surely be there when you schedule a trip to the site to check out the house. The visual image created by the sign will be inside their heads and you can capitalize on that as the seller of the property.

Business signage should also be built with attractive materials to make it stand out when placed on the lawn or front porch. This should also be done when considering the decorations and other marketing methods you want to apply when your client sees that property.

Working closely with your signage maker will assure you of the high quality business signage that you’re going to get. They must know how to incorporate your creative inputs into the signage so that it is representative of both your business and the real estate properties you sell.

It is always great for your real estate business to hire professional help even in signage making. They take a load off your plate because you get rid of the task of designing your own business signage and you are assured of an attractive business signage so you can surely sell your property to buyers.

The Importance of High Quality Real Estate Photography

Real estate photography is one of the fundamental parts of a real estate marketing effort.  Images speak louder than words.  This is only one reason why this type of photography must meet several standards in order for it to work.  The work must be done professionally and requires a special effort.

The impact that photos create can be the difference between closing a deal and steering visitors away.  The top real estate photography Calgary service can provide you the best product.  Now, let´s list some important reasons why a quality real estate photography is important:

It presents a professional image

If you are planning on listings, a well-shot professional photo will speak of how professional you are.   A nifty listing will give a better impression.  Hence, the need for taking a photo with a good camera.  So, drop away that iPhone and get professional help.  A quality looking picture has the potential of not only getting more clients but more referrals as well.  Needless to say, this represents selling a property in a shorter time.   Any real estate agent can confirm that a great photo can bring you closer to a deal.

Real Estate Photography is affordable

We know that with all the expenses involved in selling the house, adding another one is not an option.  The good thing is that the service of professional photography is not expensive.  Even better, the investment will actually represent a good return.  Turn professional photography into a necessity and not a luxury.

The truth here is that, if you decide to go with unprofessional photography, you are at risk.  Your competition is probably doing it professionally, so you cannot stay behind.  About prices, they really vary among places.  In Calgary, some go around $300 to photograph the entire house.

Statistics back it up

Yes, you may include amateur pictures to your listing.  But you should know that there is at least a 60% higher chance of your home to be seen online if you use high-quality photos.  This is no surprise since a great photo will bring the attention of any potential buyer.  In fact, according to studies, house hunters will take a look at photos before even looking at the price.

Better looking photos

Yes, it does sound obvious.  But we cannot stress that enough.  If you were to compare the quality of amateur photos to those done professionally, you would really see the difference.  Usually, if you take the picture, you will most likely not consider aspects such as space, lighting, shadow, flash, staging, etc.  A professional photographer will bring all this expertise to the table.  Pictures can even be enhanced to bring out the colors in your home.  An amateur photo risks not bringing to life everything a home might be about.

If you want to get that home sold, invest in professional real estate photography.  You will soon find out that the investment is truly worth it.


How Carol Helped Realtors in Barrywood Sell More Homes

Barrywood realtors decided to get help from business coach Carol Greenaway.  This was the best decision they could have made.  She aided them in making a study of the market, through effective strategies that gave them a clearer idea of it.  With this information, they built a strategy that enabled realtors to sell more homes.


There are old school strategies that do not work today anymore.  Times are changing and so are business strategies.  Carol is constantly updating herself and she was able to bring in this to Barrywood real estate.  In more detail, let´s see how she helped realtors sell more homes.


One of the first things that Carol did was to sit with realtors to discuss prices.  Selling a home usually does not work in the same way as selling a car.  Car dealers will usually inflate the price of a piece in order to offer a lower price to the client.  It does not work like this with real estate.  If you overprice a property, you are steering away potential buyers.  They will think that you are not serious or do not want to sell the property.  In modern real estate, actually lowering the price from market pricing is actually convenient.

Realtors were not too convinced at first.  But then it turned out that, as expected, low prices brought in more bids, which turned into selling homes at, or close to, their market prices.

More aggressive marketing

A marketing campaign can be as onerous as a TV commercial or as plain as printing and/or posting flyers.  The idea is to promote the product if you want to sell.  Let people know what you are selling.  Carol encouraged realtors to exploit all the publicity opportunities they had.  Based on their budget, they devised a strategic and more aggressive marketing campaign.

They went from more attractive signs to better ways of promoting homes.  Carol also guided them into better target homes based on several ways that allow you to collect information on a certain population´s interests.  These included online surveys.

Social media

Social media has become a very powerful and organic way of promoting a service or product.  The first social media sites used by realtors in Barrywood were Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.  Carol wanted to go slow on this.  She made realtors realize the need to hire a social media expert.  They balanced this extra expense against the benefit it brings.  Almost everyone jumped in and so far realtors have not made any complaint.

Online listings

Lots of pictures were taken of all the houses.  The homes were staged properly in order to give them a better sense of order.  Next, listings that give as many details as possible about what the home looks like.  It is amazing how much an online site can help you sell.

Time management

As realtors, Carol understands that a business man´s most valuable asset is time.  Organization is key and realtors at Barrywood were able to share with Carol their queries and doubts.  They proposed ideas on how to use it wisely.  Things such as creating to-do lists, or effectively organizing events, were discussed.

If you need to get some business coaching yourself, this is your chance to contact Carol.  She is ready to help you out in what you need.


Marketing Your Home in Barrywood PEI

Marketing your home in the beautiful Prince Edward Island is not as difficult as it might seem.  You already have an advantage and great leverage with the location.  PEI is a place filled with history and breathtaking scenery.  Being a province of Canada, there are many perks that you should exploit when promoting your home.


PEI has a fair variety of ethnic groups that include Scottish, English, Irish, Dutch, French, and German descent.  There are also several minorities but the majority are white and identify themselves as Canadian.  The official language is English, very few speak French and less than six percent speak another language.


The most important aspect to market about the place’s geography is probably the climate.  This is considered to be moderate.  During the hottest months, temperatures can rise well up to 30°C and drop to -3°C during the winter.   The cold is not aggressive and it gets fairly hot during summer.


There is a railway station plus two main airports in Charlottetown and Summerside.  There is also a two-passenger ferry to communicate with the mainland.  Traditionally, transportation network in PEI revolves around its seaports, which are connected to the railway system.


The place has vast amounts of historical sites.  It used to be a French colony and a British colony.  Jacques Cartier first found the island and made it a part of the French Colony of Acadia.  Great Britain got the island from the French through the Treaty of Paris in 1763.  History goes well on after this, including settlements, land distribution, and war.

Market your home effectively

In order for you to correctly market you home, it is your responsibility to give it a clean face.  The place is already doing the job for you.  With a great economics and nice neighborhoods, your home surely offers the best environment there is.

If your home needs basic repairs, do them.  You might probably need to give a fresh hand of paint.  If the house has carpets, make sure you get them cleaned.  Check all electrical connections and make sure all water and sewage pipes are working perfectly.  Maybe you want to hire professional services to make sure all of the above is in place.

But not only should you get professional help for getting your home ready.  You might also want to get a hand from a marketing company.  Curve Communications is a leading marketing company that tailors the best marketing plans just for you.  This is precisely what you need if you are marketing  your house in Barrywood PEI.

Take advantage of all the comfort your property offers in this beautiful town.  If possible, you could even make a listing with photos and description of your home.   Real estate is a very active business category in town.  With well-targeted marketing, there is a high chance that you will be selling your home in very little time.





Why Getting Professional Cleaners is Important when Selling a Home

Selling a home requires several arrangements, not only on the legal side but also on the physical preparation.  You must focus on giving the best impression of your home.  This means that you should put your house’s best face when putting your home on the market.  If your potential customers are meticulous enough, they will be able to check for and perceive even the tiniest of smells or dirt centers.  This is going to be their new home after all, so they cannot be blamed.  It is time to hire the services of professional cleaners for your home.

Depending on the climate conditions on your area, there are usually some “hot” spots that might create a breed for dirt and filth.  These are usually hard to reach or even detect.  But we can see their effects.  This is only one reason why you should consider getting professional cleaners for your home if you plan on selling a house.

  • Professional cleaners will scrub your home completely.  

A cleaning service is usually committed to going through every corner in your house.  They will do this as part of their quality service promise.  This means that, depending on the type of service requested, you will get your home turned upside down.

  • Professional cleaners will use the best products.

It is the job of executive cleaning services to stay updated with the newest and best cleaning products.  Their line of expertise demands from them knowing what kind of product is best for your type of fabric, therefore, you should rest assured that they know best on what works with what.

  • Professional cleaners will offer you a service warranty.

Professional cleaning services will usually come with a warranty.  We are not really interested in getting the money back but, instead, getting a good job.  Some companies will even offer a maintenance service where they will make periodic visits to the home serviced.   You can take advantage of this as an extra offer to your clients.

  • A professional finish will speak well of your sense of responsibility.

Finally, when you hire a professional to take care of your house’s cleanliness, this actually speaks well of you.  Potential customers will be able to see how serious you are taking the business.  Believe it or not, this impression has the ability to affect a buyer’s decision.  So, be the kind of seller that buyers want to approach and make serious business with.

When it comes to the best cleaning service with the top cleaning products, Yorkville Carpet Care has the best option for you.  Professional cleaners at Yorkville Carpet Care will offer you the best solution based on your home needs.  Keep that home pristine and let customers see what a beautiful and clean home they can become owners of.